Is ignoring or denying racism the new racism?

Many minorities have, in some shape or form, has had to deal with racism. However, there are many in the media who would suggest that it has deterioated substantially. I recently talked to a guy, who was white, and we debated this. He stated that he does believe racism exist, but not as extreme as “we” make it out to be. I would be the first to say not everything is racism and some people are over- the top with racial accusations. He went on to say he is not racist “but” there are things he doe not like about black people. So i ask myself, is the abililty to deny racism and in the same breath able to criticize people racist?


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I am just a normal guy who has alot of things on my mind to discuss and this was the perfect forum! Of course, these are my thoughts and personal opinions and I just want a nice healthy debate sometimes. Also, i love to hear other view points!
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4 Responses to Is ignoring or denying racism the new racism?

  1. OK, i noticed your comment in the forum.
    The first thing to do is make an about page, look at mine and a few others.
    Don’t use Uncategorized, make a category and use more tags up to a total of 10.
    Search engines will / might ignore posts of less than 100 words so try to make it and others longer.
    When you get a few more posts visit sites and comment, then they will visit you, and if you want to exchange blogrolls, you can see mine and others.

  2. Sara Katherine says:

    Wow. I really love your thoughts on this. I just did a response post on my blog to another blogger’s post that I read that is related to this. That person’s blog was claiming that because racism shouldn’t be an issue, it isn’t an issue. However, the way that person went about discussing it was offensive in and of itself. I’d really love to have your opinions on my post about it. So glad I found you:_

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