Tebow’s Up and Down Season

This past Sunday was Denver Bronco’s Quarterback Tim Tebow’s first start of the season. The Bronco’s defeated the Dolphins in a stunning comeback, but the critics found a way to rain on his parade. Granted, there were many things I saw that Tim has to critique to be a successful QB; however, there is one thing about him I will take over any starting quarterbacks in the league (excluding Brady and Rodgers) and that is his ability to make plays and win.

Every since coming out of college, Timothy Tebow has been a sizzling topic to debate. Most of his critics said that his quarterback style and mechanics were too unconventional and would not work in the National Football Leauge. On the flip side, there were many supporters of Tebow, including myself, because of his resume and his winner’s mentality. If we have learned anything in recent history about our pro athletes who have much talent, but are unable to perform on a consistent basis and win when it counts most; we should appreciate player’s like Tebow more because that’s all he has done is win whole career. For those who say’s college does not count, then what should we base his performance off because he has not had many chances in the league so far?

This season, in particular, has been a drama-filled season for Tebow. He originally was thought to be a starter, however, that was under the good faith from former coach Josh McDaniels. Shockingly, Tebow fell to third on the depth chart and the starting job went to Kyle Orton, who I never trusted in Chicago, and this created a media frenzy in Denver. The Bronco’s organization was accused by many that they were holding Tim Tebow back. Supporters of the organization decision to not allow Tebow to start, stated that it was how Tebow performed in practice that convinced the team he was not ready to start. So I say again, there is something in Tebow like many other great players you can not teach, perfect, or practice and that is being a winner.

Must we quote Allen Iverson “practice” interview? I may contradict myself , but I do believe practice makes perfect, however, you can practice as hard as you want but if you don’t have that “it” gene that Kobe, Jordan, Brady, Gretzky, and a host of other great players have then practice will not make a significant difference will it? I mean how many great players miss practice on a yearly basis? I am in no way saying Tebow can match with these players greatness, but I do believe he has the ability if given the chance. Just remember that great QB’s like Manning and Aikman had a rough start to excellent careers. I say all this to say lets judge the performances, in whole, not just one game because at the end of the day Tebow can throw 100 percent completions, 400 yards, and 5 touchdowns in a game, but if they lose or can’t win a Superbowl what is the point? Oh I forget, for the fantasy league. 


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I am just a normal guy who has alot of things on my mind to discuss and this was the perfect forum! Of course, these are my thoughts and personal opinions and I just want a nice healthy debate sometimes. Also, i love to hear other view points!
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