NBA cancels two more weeks of season

On Monday it was announced that the NBA would be cancelling two more weeks of the season. This brings the total of cancelled games to well over two hundred. The two sides apparently are still too far apart for them to reach an agreement. Conversely, last week seemed hopeful because mediator George Cohen had the players and owners meeting for almost 30 hours over a two-day span. So let’s break down the three major reasons no agreement has been reached.

  • BRI (Basketball Related Income)
  • Salary Cap
  • And let’s face it, neither side wants to budge

During the NFL lockout, Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson tweeted a controversy statement, saying that their relationships with the owners were “Modern day slavery.” Recently, Bryant Gumbel made a bold and serious accusation about NBA Commissioner David Stern that was within the same realm of what Peterson expressed. He stated that Stern was “Plantation Overseer.” I don’t know if I entirely agree with Gumbel comments, but I will say I have a huge problem when stern implemented the new “dress code” for the players, or as I like to say the no “thugery” rule. No chains, baggy jeans, and sports apparel? Hmmm- I wonder who the new dress code was for. I understand it is a business at the end of the day and these players are role models for people all over the world, but did he need to go that extreme?

But let’s not get off topic on why these two sides can not reach an agreement. As I stated before, the biggest issue is the BRI and both sides seemed to be strict on what they want. Originally, the bri split was 43-57 in favor of the players. The owners now want a 50-50 split. As a fan, I hate to see the business and politics overshadow the game; however, I do understand this is a global business and capital is important. I am not here to say who side I am on, I just want to get back to the essence of watching basketball. Seeing premier matchup’s whether it be individual or teams as a whole. Debates in the car, the barbershop, at school, and in the office on who and what teams are the best. There is nothing more exhilarating than seeing the players’ warm-up; player announcements, the tip-off, and my favorite show during the season Inside the NBA.

Maybe I am just a fanatic, but I’m proud to be it. Honestly, Between October and June my life revolves around this game, so I feel like a piece of me has been temporarily taken away. To all my people who feel the same don’t worry soon enough we will see the competitive, intense, and exciting game we love so much soon.


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